Assets Declaration Return (Pothen Eshes)

According to the amended provisions of Law 3213/2003 which are effective as of 1 January 2015, certain categories of individuals are obliged to submit electronically the Assets Declaration Return (Pothen Eshes).

In general the Assets Declaration Return depicts each year the individual’s and their spouse’s wealth both in Greece or abroad. The statement should include all real and movable property in Greece and abroad with specific documentation and registration. In case of late submission, significant penalties from 100 € up to 10.000,00€ will be imposed as well as imprisonment penalties of up to 10 years.

The electronic submission of the Assets Declaration Return is a procedure that requires specialization and accuracy.

Andersen in Greece, is responding to the needs of these individuals, providing the suitably trained consultants who undertake the entire process of compiling the supporting documents, preparing and submitting the statement. At the same time, a large team of our specialists, through direct meetings monitors and checks the completeness of the records and supporting documents while supporting the person in charge of each step before the final submission. Each case is treated separately and uniquely. Our members of staff ensure confidentiality and the high quality of service.

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